Meet the writer

Hi everyone!

First of all,  I want to thank anyone who’s stopped by to read my blog! It’s not easy opening up and not knowing who’s reading or not. Either way it’s a pleasure sharing my online dating experiences as well as relationship advice and self love help.  For those who don’t know me. I’m a recently divorced 30 something woman who thought her life was going to end with a happy ending, oh boy was I wrong. I was with the same man since 2009. Fast forward to now, newly single. A lot has changed in the dating world! I learned about Fuckboys, ghosting, and the do’s and don’ts with online dating. As you may know, this is very new and I can’t wait to make this blog a place of learning and laughter. Make sure to visit our IG account @SaltyMelons.OO for funny memes and pro-female power quotes!

Hugs to everyone reading!

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