How Do You Attract A Confident Woman

As I sit here analyzing my feelings or lack of feelings, I begin asking myself why was I so attracted to x, y and z guy in the past. A handful are very different from one another. So what did they have in common? All have different occupations, body shapes, hair and eye color. All intelligent beings of course. One thing they had in common was, they didn’t chase me. They didn’t objectify me. They desired me through their thoughts and when in their presence their desire came thru their body language, through their silent thoughts, through each pause and each look.

Our brains, and biological self can identify sexual energy without the need of words. Just like we can feel a person looking at us from across the room, that’s how powerful energy is between humans.

Non-confident aka insecure women seek words of affirmation. They thrive in getting the verbal assurance they are pretty and desired but confident women don’t need such thing. As a matter of fact, confident women have been cat called so many times that they detest being a sexual object. Now you may ask how do I know if she’s confident. Some women may look confident but are far from it. I would say as a women I can say women who really obsessed with their exterior looks most likely are insecure. Especially the ones that need to go under the knife. I’m not putting them down but we all know that their self esteem isn’t up there and that’s why they feel like they need to “improve” and “enhance” their appearance.

The most attractive thing to me is when I am desired for through body language. That includes zero words of idolization, and a confident presence by my partner.

By them acting worthy of my attention, I in turn feel as if I have someone valuable and equal to the exchange of sexual energy. Why would I want to give myself to someone who feels beneath me? Think about it, would you want to do that?

Self worth should be felt by both individuals because that’s how balance and harmony is created. We all want to be with someone with value, but we must first start with ourselves before others can see the value in us.

So next time remember to know your value and keep your mouth shut, let your eyes, your smile and your touch say it all.

P.s. – Smell good too!

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