Words from Tony

Today I participated in the first-day challenge for a Tony Robbins 7 day program.
I was petrified to do a Live FB post. It took a lot of courage and 10 tries of placing my phone in the best spot but I did it!

Earlier in the day during his Zoom class, I took some words of wisdom notes.

Here are some of my favorite things he said:

– The biggest problem we have is believing we aren’t supposed to have problems.
-Solving problems makes you a leader
– If you want to be a wave, you need contradictions in your life. Waves are made from sand, water, and air. It’s a clash, the wave line is a constantly moving line. If you want a standstill water line, it’s like a death line. Do you want that?
– Problems are a sign of life
– Problems create growth
– For things to change, you have to change.
– For things to be better, you have to be better.
– We are the creator of life, not the managers of our lives
– Breakthroughs sometimes come from Breakdowns
– There’s what you want vs what you need
– There is no problem that is permanent, only your soul is


Five years ago my marriage ended, I had to sell our beautiful home, and my entire identity changed. I went from being a married woman, grad student, Florida girl to a divorced woman, mastered degreed with no job, Michigan permanent resident. I felt like a wounded soldier after a battle. I went thru a lot of pain, headaches, and questions. Thru a lot of books, podcasts, and digesting my past, I grew, became stronger, healed, and found myself again.
An ending is always a new beginning. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve gone through. I’ve learned what self-love and self-worth are, aka not needing anyone’s attention to make me feel fulfilled. It’s open my eyes to learn my why behind my passions and interests. It’s allowed me to open myself to BIG dreams, confidence, strength, and follow my intuition.

If you are reading this and going thru a breakup, an ending of a job, or a relationship, remember this end is not the worst thing that can happen to you. I’m telling you now, it’s not. Stay positive, have faith, and know you are worth more than you think. An entire world of possibilities awaits you.

Rember “There is no growth without challenge”.

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