What is Racism?

Let’s explain what racism is: RACISM is to use a person’s race/color against them, thru stereotyping, it’s also when you use their different culture/race/color to be used as a joke, or in a derogatory manner. This is also called bullying. It’s when you use terminology that bundles one bad person with an entire race, or when you past judgement towards a person because they are brown or black. Racism language is also when you use words as THEY, THEM, instead of viewing a person as an individual. You are a racist if you fear someone else just because of their appearance based on your own “misconceptions” of a race. When you treat someone DIFFERENT because of their race/color/culture you are being racist. If you come up with conclusions, like “Oh you can’t afford a first class ticket because you aren’t white and overweight”, that’s being racist. Here’s another perfect example how racism is so alive today, this is Amy Cooper’s reaction to a black man asking her to leash her dog in a public park respectfully. If we didn’t have video footage, who knows how this could have turned.

Our society is so quick to turn their cheek when they feel shame, guilt or sadness, they rather ignore the pain of others then to be bothered with feeling for someone else other than themselves.  

I see racism here in the states, in Hispanic communities, all over. It comes in all forms.

You DON’T GET IT if you try to downplay this horrific reality by posting about “Oh but Black people have killed x,y, z in the past”. Let’s remember school shootings, theater shootings, church shootings, killing mass groups of people. Those killers were white, and handcuffed with no aggression. All races have done wrong in the past. This isn’t a competition. This is about DECADES OF POLICE BRUTALITY AND THE INJUSTICE people of color suffer daily. Mothers have to PRAY daily no harm is done to their child just because of the color of their skin.

If you say you follow Christ, you should follow loving ALL HUMANS EQUALLY and standing up for equality without passing judgement. Black people have suffered long enough. You wonder why so many black people don’t rise, don’t succeed? You know why, because of us. WE AS A SOCIETY, DON’T ALLOW THEM TO. Our system is so broken, from education, to the justice system, payroll inequalities, foster care system, healthcare system, the list goes on.

This fight is against Police Brutality, lack of accountability by leaders, and injustice due to racism. I know not all cops are bad, nor is this against all cops, it’s about bigotry. This is about people who are supposed to protect and serve the people, abusing their power, discriminating, stereotyping people based on their skin color, time and time again. You can sit here and nitpick at the “bad behavior” of blacks but in reality America, North, Central, and South have belittled blacks and indigenous people thru history. Three hundred people died in 1921 when mobs of angry white residents set fire an entire wealthy neighborhood known as Greenwood where only wealthy blacks lived. This sickens me. REAL people died. Just how real people are still dying today because the color of their skin.

The world lost a George Floyd, age 46, a man who was an advocated against gun violence, promoted peace, and a man of faith. The world lost Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old man with a beautiful smile who was jogging. The world lost Breonna Taylor, 26 EMT worker in her own home while sleeping. The world lost Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old with a bag of skittles in his hand and an ice tea. The difference between their deaths and other deaths claimed by Whiteness culture, is that their death wasn’t personal, aka their killer didn’t personally know them, it was based strictly on RACISM, and injustice. May peace be with them and may we all learn to STOP thinking we are better than someone else, because we’re not. We’re all the same kind- HUMANS-who share a planet where we should operate with kindness.

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