What Is Third Eye Chemistry?

It’s the silence between each word, it’s the depth of their stare into yours, it’s the sound of each breathe, it’s the confidence behind every touch, it’s the safe feeling you get, it’s transparency. It’s being able to read each other thru silence and facial expressions, thru presence and lack of it. It’s enjoying them regardless of everything else, it’s knowing their spirit and them knowing yours.

It’s being able to sit there and see them thinking, it’s being interested in their thoughts. It’s being able to feel like your special, even though you might not be special forever but knowing it and still enjoying the present. Expecting nothing in return, except their presence.

What arises from culture, fades thru the pheromones. What lacks in one, is fulfilled by the other in character.

But could all these feelings surpassed the length of time, if so by how much, and for how long? Are these deep connections the ones that really matter for the purpose of friendship, partnership, and long term passion? I think so, but could it be just lust disguised as hope, as an illusion?

Only time will tell. Time is always the dictator. For it’s what we fight against, what makes us grow, what changes us, what binds us together, and what puts us closer to our goodbyes.

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