Having A Type

I’ve started to realize I have a type. I’m attracted to a certain man, mostly the first guy on the image, pretty athletic but not over done. The one that you can tell works out almost every day, dresses like he cares and has a really strong jaw line with nice size eyes. I avoid dating men with dark circles under their eyes and the ones with beer belly’s or have a weird slant look to them. The guy on the second image, most likely has low self esteem, a sensitive ego and constantly over works on their image because they have a hard time feeling satisfied. This is called body dysmorphia disorder. I’m also attracted to the third guy, who is spiritual and practices yoga. They maintain a slim body because they mostly eat healthy, are vegans or vegetarians. They practice exercises that evoke their spiritual growth and seek a more peaceful way of living. I avoid men like on the fourth image. This man most likely doesn’t workout, isn’t very active, and probably has the hobbies of playing video games, is a movie buff, watched A LOT of tv and meets up with his buddies for drinks on a weekly basis. He doesn’t practice on any self improvement activities. Lastly I don’t date men especially like the fifth guy. One because I’m not physically attractive to hefty men and two, lets be honest, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. One of my favorite activities is running and the gym. This guy most likely sits behind a desk, he might be a manager or supervisor. He watches A LOT of tv while drinking beer, doesn’t care about what he eats, and think women owe him shit. He feels like crap about himself so he’s just not in a good place mentally even though he might be doing well off of monetary wise.

One might say muscular or toned bodies are normally always more attractive but why is it? We know females will most likely be attracted to such physical details because of the strong indication of testosterone being present but I think it goes beyond that. I think it takes a certain type of character to maintain that certain look, such as dedication, focus, be goal oriented, and wanting to self improve on a daily basis. All things I myself aim to achieve and are challenges for me.

Perhaps my attraction there is to find a person who will help me become a better version of myself, perhaps someone who will give me the little push I need to keep going and to focus on my goals. Someone who will be a great example of success so I can took follow in their steps.

I truly believe we are a product of our environment. Monkey see, monkey do, so why not choose to bring a better version of yourself into your life to create a strong partnership, be a power couple (that’s if you want that), instead of choosing someone who just thinks you are really hot and wants to be in a relationship.

What is the point of a relationship now a days? With the endless amount of dating apps, lack of flirting at bars, while everyone talks briefly with their friends and stares at their phones, how can we meet people in person? It takes one to take full control and join community events or some class that you want to be part of to be able to be in a small group enough where you can meet people. If you are busy almost all through the evening, online dating has become your only outlet to meet people.

Where you can spend countless hours choosing mates you want to talk to and hours getting to know someone.

Recognize what type of person you are or want to achieve in becoming, and surround yourself with people who will teach you something, inspire you, or help you along your journey in life. Because life goes beyond sex and looks, life should be about reaching your mission, your goals and aspirations. Find a best friend who you can share the best part of you, which are your hopes and dreams.

You are worth much more!

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